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EV Charger Type: AC Type 2 Charger

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Bijlify PRO – I

AC Type II Smart Chargers

  • 7.4kW wall box AC Charger is composed of the main control unit, charging interface, metering and charging unit.
  • Resistant to vibration and it covers a small area which can be installed in indoor and outdoor environments and provides AC power for electric vehicles with on onboard chargers.

Ideal For:

Commercial Buildings | EV Dealers |  Service Providers | Fuel Operators

Our EV Chargers Deliver Efficiency And Much More

DC Fast Charger 60kW

Fast charging, network connectivity, full safety...
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DC Fast Charger 30kW

Complete protection, fast charge, live updates...
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AC Type II Charger 9.9kW

Modular, space-saving. Ideal for various locations...
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AC Charger 9.9kW

Modular, space-saving. Versatile for any location...
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AC Charger 3.3kW

Intelligent, modular design. Ideal for EV charging...
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AC Charger 3.3kW Lite

Modular, compact design. Ideal for indoor/outdoor use...
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Turnkey Solutions
Competitive Pricing
Customization Expertise
Renowned OEM Partnerships
DPIIT Recognition
Seamless App Integration
Turnkey Solutions

From site planning to design, installation and maintenance, we provide end-to-end solutions, making the transition to electric mobility effortless and cost-effective for our customers.

Competitive Pricing
Customization Expertise
Renowned OEM Partnerships
DPIIT Recognition
Seamless App Integration
GreenPlug Energy India

We Make EV Charging Simple

Our approach is simple yet effective. We start by understanding your unique requirements, then customize a solution that meets your needs. Finally, we provide end-to-end support to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance of your EV charging infrastructure.


Assessment and Consultation

- Thorough assessment of your premises and requirements.
- Consult with you to understand your specific needs and challenges.
- Identify the optimal charging solutions based on the assessment and consultation.

Customized Solution Design

- Design a customized EV charging solution tailored to your requirements.
- Select the most suitable charging stations, equipment & infrastructure.
- Ensure the solution meets your budget, timeline & sustainability goals.

Installation and Integration

- Efficiently install and integrate the EV charging infrastructure with minimal disruption.
- Ensure compliance with all safety, regulatory, and industry standards.
- Provide training and support to your staff for seamless operation.

Monitoring and Maintenance

- Implement a monitoring system to track performance & energy usage.
- Offer regular maintenance services for optimal performance & longevity of the charging station.
- Provide ongoing support to address any issues promptly.
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